Coin, Tyre, A.D. 98-A.D. 99. FIC.50.75.

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الوجه: Head of Tyche, right, wearing turreted crown, veil, and earring; behind, palmbranch; border of dots.
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الظهر: ΔΚΕ [monogram] - Galley left, with prow terminating in volute, and aphlaston at stern; on it Astarte, turreted, standing left; in extended right, wreath; in left, cruciform standard held transversely; across field date, and monogram; in exergue: Phoenician inscription meaning "for Tyre." Date, ΔΚΕ, year 224 Era of Tyre, i. e., A.D. 98-99. Monogram to the right of Astarte of uncertain meaning.


الكتاباتدار الضربمكان اكتشاف القطعة

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